Important properties

Excellent oxygen , water vapor and aroma barrier

Free from plasticizers and heavy metals

High gloss and outstanding clarity

Wide range of transparent and opaque colours

Outstanding thermoforming properties

High quality heat-sealing properties and flexibility

Product Specifications

Description : Triplex structured PVC/PE/PVDC laminated film for blister

Application : In the pharmaceutical industry PVC/PE/PVDC film is used in blister packaging of capsules , tablets and products that require moisture barrier and good flexibility

Thickness : 125-400 micron ( Base film )

Standard Thickness : 250 micron ( Base film )

PVDC coatings 40 gsm , 60 gsm , 90 gsm , 120 gsm and 180 gsm with 30 to 50 micron PE

Coloures : Clear , Transparent and white opaque , Orange , Yellow , Red , Green , Blue , Brown, Silver

PVC/PE/PVDC laminated film is produced in controlled environment. The base film is made on our state-of-the-art. Calendering plant, laminated with PE and coated with PVDC on the acclaimed reverse gravure kiss coating plant. This stringent process ensures high quality and protection from defects like orange peel effect and air bubbles. This film is consistent and precise in thickness and grammage.
It is non-toxic, tasteless and odourless.

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