Important properties

High gloss and outstanding clarity

Available in a wide range of transparent and opaque colours

Outstanding thermoforming properties

High quality printability

Product Specifications

Description : Mono thermoformable polyethylene terephthalate films for food packaging.

Applications : Rigid thermoformed packaging applications for food , medical and consumer markets

Thickness : 80 to 1100 micron

Standard thickness : 200 to 500 micron

Colour : Clear transparent , White opaque , Orange , Yellow , Red , Green , Blue , Brown , Silver , Gold

A-PET offers outstanding thermoforming characteristics and forms crystal clear , Ideal for packaging applications that require high product visibility. It is superior chemical resistance provides fabricators with durable , long- lasting parts. APET material complies with relevant FDA regulations for food contact , making it an Ideal choice for variety of food and medical packaging applications.

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