PVC/PE Freezer Grade

Important Properties

High gloss and outstanding clarity

Available in a wide range of transparent and opaque colours

Outstanding thermoforming properties

Excellent heat sealing properties

Especially formulated for freezer conditions

Product Specifications

Description : Two layers Rigid PVC and PE laminated film.

Applications : Excellent food product packaging clear and rigid excellent for meat and fish trays, chees and other from/fill/seal applications that used within freezers

Thickness : Base film 120-800 micron
PE : 30-50 micron

Standard Thickness : Base film 200-800 micron
PE: 50 micron

Colour : Clear, Transparent, white Opaque, Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Brown

Rigid PVC film manufactured on the state-of-the-art calender lines and laminated with PE. This thermoformable freezer grade PVC film is non-toxic, free from plasticizers and heavy metals. It is also tasteless and odorless. It is manufactured under controlled environment and quality management systems.

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