High impact polystyrene ( HIPS ) film

Important properties

Good rigidity and low temperature toughness

High elongation and moderately high heat distortion

Good heat stability but long term heat exposure can cause embrittlement

Readily accepts printing in a wide variety of inks

Non-toxic FDA approved for use in food and beverage industry

Good resistance to acids , bases , detergents and disinfectants

Product Specifications

Description : Mono and three layer HIPS thermoformable film

Applications : In food industry for Margarine / Yoghurt pots , meat trays , berry fruit punnets , plant pots and troughs.

Thickness : 400 to 1200 micron

Colours : White , Opaque , Orange , Yellow , Red , Green , Blue , Brown

High impact polystyrene ( HIPS ) is a high impact , rigid , opaque polystyrene and is available in roll form and silicon treated

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